Q 1.1 - Choice of Operating System

You are presented with the issue of purchasing an operating system for your ward who has been admitted to into the Bsc. Information Technology program at AIT.  What will be your choice and on what do you base this choice.

The choice of an operating system depends on a number of factors.  The question demands that one demonstrates understanding of operating systems by first defining them and giving the broad classes.  Based on this one can show the choice.  The following presentation assumes you have already defined operating systems.

Command Line Interface (CL) Operating Systems

The Command Line Interface (CLI) operating systems are designed for the following:

  • Accurate (Precise and broad control).

  • Use of less memory (Random Access Memory).

  • Less cost on hardware (for eg. a low resolution, cheaper monitor & low specs system units can be used with this type of interface).

  • Appeals to those who want to be technical and serve as a platform for memorizing commands to know what they do.

  • Scripting, which is the automating of commands, can be achieved on command line to make completion of especially repetitive task easier.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Operating Systems

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating systems are designed for the following:

  • Use of visual elements for faster navigation, simplifying the users' interaction with the system.  This has made it accepted to the average and most users.  Software not designed to run on the GUI operating system may find it quite difficult to sell.

  • Easier to learn (it has a smaller learning curve) and use.

  • Allows for easy memorization of tasks (you remember where you are supposed to point-and-click), instead of having to remember commands to type into a terminal that you may or may not remember easily.

  • Being a multitasking tool, user can switch quickly between tasks on the GUI interface in addition to getting  multiple tasks performed.

  • Saves time editing configuration settings manually.

Such a question will require you put down some few disadvantage of each, but stating how that can be acceptable with your choice.