Operating System Choice

You are presented with the issue of purchasing an operating system for your ward who has been admitted to into the Bsc. Information Technology program at AIT.  What will be your choice and on what do you base this choice.


Paging and Segmentation

One motivation for page-based memory management is the concern about memory fragmentation.  What is the “fragmentation” problem and why does it occur?




Virtual Machines

The fundamental idea behind virtual machines is to abstract the hardware of a single computer (the CPU, memory, disk drives, network interface cards, and so forth) into several different execution environments, thereby creating the illusion that each separate environment is running on its own private computer.  This concept may seem similar to the layered approach of operating system implementation.  Would you support use of virtual machines for your university campus as the IT Director?  Give reasons for your answer.



System Access Threats

Give your understanding of system access threats and any one countermeasure you would take in counteracting their impact on systems today.



Mobile Operating Systems Concept

In today’s computing environment, one rising theme is the use of mobile phones and mobile devices.  This has brought in the need for an attention to the concept of Mobile Operating Systems.  Give the concept of Mobile Operating Systems as being used today.


Memory Management Requirements

State memory management requirement that you know of.




Operating System Functioning

Differentiate between the operating system as an Extended Machine and the operating system as a Resource Manger


Operating System Viewpoints

Operating Systems can be viewed from several vantage points.  Present three of such views.



Other Likely Question you may work on, which we have already discussed in class.

  • Elaborate on the basic requirements for memory management.

  • Give the kinds and function of Network Operating Systems.

  • Define Firewalls, giving three recommended goals for their establishment.

  • Differentiate between a system and a subsystem.

  • Define network Operating Systems as applicable in today’s production of Operating Systems.

  • Digital movies, video clips and music are becoming an increasingly common way to present information and entertainment using a computer.  In multimedia applications, a lot of data manipulation (e.g. A/D, D/A and format conversion) is required and this involves a lot of data transfer, which consumes many resources.  The integration of discrete and continuous multimedia data demands additional services from many operating system components.  The major aspect in this context is real-time processing of continuous media data.  Give two main ways that an operating system whose primary job is serving videos would differ from a traditional operating system.

  • Why is there the need for Virtual Memory in processing today.

  • Give the four general means of authenticating a user’s identity, which can be  used alone or in combination.

  • Differentiate between Identification and Authentication in Operating Systems security.

  • In computer security, much of the work in security and protection as it relates to operating systems can be roughly grouped into four categories.  Give these categories.

  • With the help of a simple diagram, give your understanding of the Computer System.

  • Define Operating Systems and with the help of an illustration, show their place in computing.